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Regular Basis Cleaning Services:

“Vacuum and mop thoroughly, we clean and sanitize bathrooms, kitchen, counter tops, spot clean, cabinet and other surfaces, dusting off furniture, pictures frames, etc.” Marisol.

What we do on Kitchen:
Remove all cobwebs. Things put away in proper places. Clean stove & all parts. Clean all appliances. Clean microware inside & out. Clean refrigerator outside. Clean & windex all counter surfaces. Spot clean cabinets. Dust all baseboards. Remove all garbage / recycle. Clean cupboard. Place all recycle in bin. Replace paper towels as needed. Line all garbage cans. Clean sink. Vacuum/ Mop floor… more!

What we do on Bathrooms:
Remove all cobwebs. Clean shower/tub/fixtures/glass. Clean toilet. Clean sinks/polish countertops. Wash baseboards. Clean mirrors. Clean all accessories. Wash down cupboard fronts. Remove garbage. Line all cans. Keep toilet paper stocked. Vacuum/ mop floor. Shake all rugs… more!

What we do on Bedrooms:
Remove all cobwebs. Dust all furniture/ light fixtures. Remove all garbage. Vacuum all carpets/ mop floor… more!
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Move In or Move Out Cleaning Services:

"I am happy to accommodate your schedule and any needs or concerns you may have". Marisol.

• Deep cleaning. Complete cleaning sanitizing and bathrooms, removal of mineral residue and shower stain on tiles, grout.
• We clean inside cabinet and drawers (kitchen and bathrooms).
• Inside oven and fridge, wash walls, vacuum and mop, remove cobwebs, baseboard, etc.
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Windows Inside Cleaning:

We do windows Inside cleaning: Blinds, Sills, Door Glass, etc.
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Carpet Cleaning on Move In or Move Out:

"Only available with complete move in or move out cleaning service. We bring all our own supplies and equipment." Marisol.

• Steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction.
• Carpet shampoo, combination of water extraction.
• Equipment and cleaning solution.
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Janitorial Services:

"You expect the best, and that's why I guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of our work." Marisol.

Business offices, Apartments Building, Schools, Restaurants, Financial and Commercial Institutions, Construction clean up.

• We will work with your schedule: days, evening; night and weekends.
• Employees with commercial and residential experience.
• References available, upon request.
• We provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment.
• Call us for an Estimate, or contact us by email or SMS.